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transcosmos implements “HYTRA DASHBOARD,” an ad verification tool to its programmatic advertising services NEW

transcosmos inc. has implemented “HYTRA DASHBOARD,” an ad verification tool by Momentum Inc. for its programmatic advertising services including demand-side platform (DSP) advertising services and advertising network services.


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transcosmos forms a business partnership with PLAID, the provider of “KARTE” NEW

transcosmos inc. is pleased to announce that it has formed a business partnership with PLAID Inc. 


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transcosmos and SOOTH Inc. co-develop and release “GAZE HACK,” a video ads optimization method based on eye-gaze analysis NEW

transcosmos Inc. has co-developed and released a video ads analysis method “GAZE HACK” with SOOTH Inc., the company that owns an original technology for analyzing vital reactions. 


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transcosmos delivers “5A’s” to Tokio Marine Holdings, its first client in the financial industry NEW

transcosmos inc. is pleased to announce that the company will deliver its proprietary loyalty marketing services based on the “5A’s” research technology to Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.


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transcosmos and InterFactory release “ebisumart,” the No.1 share cloud-based e-commerce platform, as a storefront system of “eCHUB series” NEW

transcosmos inc. and InterFactory, inc. announced that the two companies have signed an OEM agreement and released “eCHUB powered by ebisumart.” transcosmos deployed “ebisumart,” InterFactory’s cloud-based e-commerce platform which claims the top share in the leading cloud-based e-commerce platforms, as a storefront system for a series of “eCommerce HUB” services, transcosmos’s proprietary integrated e-commerce platform.  


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transcosmos starts developing Japan’s first full-blown contact center app powered by blockchain NEW

transcosmos inc. joined “Jasmy Initiative,” an initiative advocated by Jasmy Incorporated, and began preparations for developing Japan’s first full-blown contact center application powered by blockchain technology and conducting verification experiments to test the application with Jasmy and other “Jasmy Initiative” member companies.


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transcosmos develops “AI Defender,” a new AI-based feature that auto-checks service quality in call centers, an add-on to its speech recognition solution “transpeech” NEW

transcosmos inc. is proud to announce that the company has successfully developed “AI Defender,” a new add-on AI-based feature, to its speech recognition solution “transpeech.”


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transcosmos co-launches “Project: Discover the NextGen Influencer” with C Chanel NEW

transcosmos inc. and C Channel Corporation, the operator of a video fashion media for women “C CHANNEL,” co-launched “Project: Discover the NextGen Influencer.” 


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transcosmos delivers a webchat system to “ENOTECA online,” an online specialist wine shop NEW

transcosmos inc. delivered a webchat system to ENOTECA Co., LTD. the operator of an online wine shop “ENOTECA online.” 


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transcosmos starts offering Yext to help businesses deliver accurate information online NEW

transcosmos inc. began offering Yext, the platform for Brand Verified Answers in search, through Yext Japan K.K. 


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Gartner U.S. BPO market report named transcosmos the No.14 BPO player in the world NEW

transcosmos inc. ranked No.14 in the world in the 2018 BPO player listing by revenue featured in “Market Share Analysis: Business Process Outsourcing, Worldwide, 2018” by Cathy Tornbohm, Dean Blackmore, 22 April, 2019, a BPO market research report issued by Gartner, Inc., the world’s leading IT research and advisory company headquartered in the U.S. 


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transcosmos celebrates 20 year anniversary in Okinawa NEW

transcosmos inc. held a ceremony marking its 20th anniversary in Okinawa on Friday, June 14, 2019, at Kariyushi Urban Resort Naha.


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transcosmos holds a BPO Best Operation Contest with a goal to improve BPO service quality NEW

transcosmos inc. held a “BPO Best Operation Contest 2019” with the aim of sharing best practices across business offices and thereby enhance overall service capabilities. 


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transcosmos China receives Alibaba Databank Certification NEW

transcosmos inc. is delighted to announce that Shanghai transcosmos Marketing Services Co., Ltd. was certified as a “Databank Services Partner” by Alibaba on April 28, 2019.  


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transcosmos expands its operations center network in Vietnam to reach 1,750 workstations NEW

transcosmos inc. opened its new operations center “Ho Chi Minh Center No.3” in Ho Chi Minh whilst expanding its existing “Hanoi Center.”


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transcosmos Korea donates computers to the “Incheon Differently Abled Federation” of Republic of Korea NEW

transcosmos Korea, Inc., a business process outsourcing provider in the Republic of Korea and a subsidiary of transcosmos inc., donated 30 million won worth of computers for office and educational use to organizations for the disabled including “Incheon Differently Abled Federation” to support organizations for disabled in the Republic of Korea. 


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transcosmos launches global multilingual ad operations services in Malaysia NEW

TRANSCOSMOS(MALAYSIA) SDN BHD, a Malaysian subsidiary of transcosmos inc., formed a business alliance with eMnet Japan Co., Ltd. and launched global multilingual ad operations services. 


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transcosmos certified as “Advertising Operations Partner” under Yahoo! Marketing Solutions Partner Program NEW

transcosmos inc. is honored to announce that the company has been named “H1, FY2019 Advertising Operations Partner” under the “Special Certified Partner” category of “Yahoo! Marketing Solutions Partner Program” by Yahoo Japan Corporation. 


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transcosmos becomes the first independent ad agency in Japan to complete large-scale implementation of “Shirofune,” a cloud-based auto-optimization tool for ad operations NEW

transcosmos inc. successfully completed a large-scale implementation of “Shirofune,” a cloud-based auto-optimization tool for advertising operations developed and offered by Shirofune, Inc. 


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Magic Panda and UNQ, transcosmos group companies, honored BEST TMG PARTNER AWARD OF FY2019 by “T-Mall Global,” China’s leading e-commerce platform NEW

transcosmos inc. is honored to announce that its two Chinese group companies won the “BEST TMG PARTNER AWARD OF FY2019,” under respective categories at “TG1000 T-mall Global 2019 Global Partners Summit.”


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transcosmos upgrades “transpeech,” its speech recognition solution NEW

transcosmos inc. will expand the coverage of “transpeech,” its speech recognition solution, and deliver two upgrades. By the end of 2019, the company will install the solution to 2,000 workstations in its contact center network across Japan, a considerable expansion of its service coverage, and will add a new emotion analysis feature.


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transcosmos partners with sogno, a company that offers 3D/VR technology at one-stop NEW

transcosmos inc. forms a partnership with sogno Co., Ltd., and will plan, market and sell higher value-added services that leverage “3D+ONE,” a one-stop service by sogno.


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transcosmos’s Korean subsidiary follows K-SOX NEW

transcosmos Korea, Inc., a business process outsourcing provider in the Republic of Korea and a subsidiary of transcosmos inc. was upgraded to a “large unlisted company” in January 2019 and follows K-SOX (Korea Sarbanes-Oxley), a measurement of financial compliance requirements for its internal control, as it had 117% business growth compared to the fiscal year 2017 with its total assets exceeding 10 billion yen. 


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transcosmos announced the results of “Online Shopping Trends Survey in 10 Asian Cities 2019” NEW

transcosmos inc. conducted its “Online Shopping Trends Survey in 10 Asian Cities 2019” following last year, in order to gauge consumers’ experiences of online shopping and their interests in cross border e-commerce across 10 major cities in Asia.


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transcosmos forms a business alliance with MarkPlus Inc., a marketing consulting and research firm founded by Hermawan Kartajaya, the co-author of “Marketing 4.0” with Phillip Kotler.NEW NEW

transcosmos inc. is pleased to announce that the company formed a business alliance with MarkPlus, Inc., Indonesia’s premiere and pioneering marketing consulting company. 


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transcosmos releases AI-based ad operations service for retargeting optimization NEW

transcosmos inc. is delighted to announce that the company releases its new ad operations service using AI for retargeting optimization as one of its data-driven communication services that combine “DataRobot,” a cutting-edge AI which automates the machine learning process, and “transcosmos decode (DECode),” transcosmos proprietary data management platform (DMP) in March 2019.


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Magic Panda, a transcosmos group company, wins 2018 NEW ONLINE BUSINESS Service Provider Award by Alibaba Group NEW

Shandong Ya Nuoda E-Commerce Co., Ltd., a Chinese e-commerce service provider specializing in the apparel industry and a group company of transcosmos inc. received the 2018 NEW ONLINE BUSINESS Service Provider Award at the “2018 annual e-commerce entrepreneurship summit”, an event hosted by Alibaba Group on December 16 and 17, 2018.


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transcosmos releases “ARmadillo PLAYER,” an AR app that executes speedy and cost efficient initiatives NEW

transcosmos inc. launched “ARmadillo PLAYER,” a new general AR app as a new menu to “transcosmosARmadillo,” its one-stop service that enables businesses to easily implement and utilize Augmented Reality (AR).


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transcosmos again honored FIVE-STAR SERVICE PROVIDER by TMALL, China’s largest online marketplace NEW

transcosmos inc. is delighted to announce that Shanghai transcosmos Marketing Services Co., Ltd., its wholly-owned subsidiary was once again awarded FIVE-STAR SERVICE PROVIDER for the second half of 2018 by TMALL, the largest online marketplace in China, on January 24, 2019.


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transcosmos opens “Semarang Center” and “Jakarta Center No. 4” in Indonesia NEW

transcosmos inc. has opened two new operating centers in Indonesia, namely, “Semarang Center” and “Jakarta Center No. 4.”


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transcosmos holds an opening ceremony for “Wuhan Center” NEW

Shanghai transcosmos Marketing Services Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of transcosmos inc., held an opening ceremony for its new contact center, “Wuhan Center,” on January 11, 2019, inviting clients and partners. The center was established in July 2018. 


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transcosmos expands and relocates “MC Naha Center,” which offers digital marketing services NEW

transcosmos inc. expanded and relocated “Marketing Communication Naha Center” which delivers website development & operations services in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, and held its opening ceremony on January 10th, 2019.


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