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Callcenter servicesCallcenter services

For 48 years of excellence, we have pursued operational credibility by strengthening our BPO services. Thus, we believe that we can empower your business processes to develop and help strengthen your bases.

In our current business environment, most business enterprises are working on fortifying their power to fight competitors by focusing their efforts on core businesses. By relying on us and our experience and excellent track record, we can help actualize reduction in your operational costs. We will use our expertise on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and take over your non-core business for you, so you do not need to worry about it and focus on what you need to.

transcosmos’ BPO services perform intensive investigation for the tasks of all of the applicable divisions in your company (e.g. General Affairs, Accounting, Human Resources, IT Systems, Design, and Development) and analyse, identify and clarify all issues in order to achieve the best scenario for you.

Moreover, transcosmos’ BPO services will also help you advance and update your business processes after identifying job redundancies and improve them by integrating, aggregating or terminating them to finally standardize the tasks that are relied on individual efforts. We will also review the operational work flow and empower automation by using our state-of-the-art IT tools.

By designing the most suitable operational system for you, to which we will also transform to be flexible and adaptable to the high-low production cycle and by implementing employee education, training and follow-up systems, we are sure we can contribute to your success. In addition, we will fully utilize our near-shore/off-shore capabilities in order to fulfil two important objectives: Improve quality and reduce operational costs. Both at the same time!

As a leading BPO provider corporation, transcosmos is committed to deliver growth on your profitability by making the best use of our vast know-how and proven business expertise

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  • SCM Service
  • Back-office Service
  • Document Solution Service
  • Application Development and Operation Service
  • Infrastructure Building and Operation Service
  • Support Desk Service
  • Design and Development Support Service
  • Embedded Development and Testing Service


h3 spanGartner ranked No.1 in World’s BPO Player for Asia/Pacific and Japan region

transcosmos has ranked No.1 (based on its 2013 annual sales) as The World’s BPO Player for The Asia/Pacific and Japan region, in the April, 2014 issue of the report titled, “Market Share Analysis: Business Process Outsourcing, Worldwide, 2013” by Cathy Tornbohm, Dean Blackmore, 25 April 2014, published by Gartner Corporation in the U.S. This is their three-years-in-a-row ranked No.1 following the previous year.

Asia/Pacific and Japan: Top 10 Providers by Revenue, 2013

(Millions of Dollars)

Share (%)
Rate (%)
1 1 - transcosmos 1,447 7.7 -11.0
2 2 - NTT Data 872 4.7 -10.8
3 3 - IBM 638 3.4 -4.8
4 4 - Nomura Research 561 3.0 -15.4
5 7 +2 Fuji Xerox 509 2.7 14.7
6 6 - First Data 454 2.4 1.9
7 9 +2 Aegis 432 2.3 11.0
8 11 +3 Accenture 354 1.9 -1.5
9 8 -1 SCSK 331 1.8 -15.3
10 10 - Japan Research Institute 302 1.6 -17.2

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