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Goal, Needs
icon service sales l
  • Marketing Research, Analysis
  • Internet Advertisement, Promotion
  • Website Design and Operations
  • Smartphone
  • Social Media
  • EC Catalog, Online Sales
  • Telemarketing
  • Field Services


icon service cost l
  • Distribution, Orders
  • Human Resources, Accounting, Back-office
  • Architectural Design, Society Infrastructure Design
  • Mechanical Design, Embedded Systems Development
  • Systems Development
  • Help desk, Cloud, Systems Implementation, IT Asset Management
  • Fulfillment
  • Call Center
icon service cc l
  • Inbound Service
  • Outbound Service
  • Sales Marketing Service
  • Back-office Support Service
  • Social CRM Support Service
  • Non-voice Support Service
  • Knowledge Management Service
  • Consulting Service
  • Industry and Operation Domain-specific Service


icon service bpo l
  • SCM Service
  • Back-office Service
  • Document Solution Service
  • Application Development and Operation Service
  • Infrastructure Building and Operation Service
  • Support Desk Service
  • Design and Development Support Service
  • Embedded Development and Testing Service






icon service dm l
  • Internet Advertising Service
  • Website Construction Service
  • Website Operation Service
  • Smart Device Service
  • Social Media Service
  • E-Commerce and Direct Marketing Service
  • Marketing Tools




icon service analytics l
  • Customer Research Service
  • Big Data Analysis Service
  • Direct Promotion Consulting Service
  • Telemarketing Consulting Service